Happily Resurrected Bitch gives testimonial!

Thank you for the class; I am having results already.
There was a moment in the ritual where I got a serious response.
Just for a few beats, the pepper in my mouth tasted like my Mama's fried chicken wings, a taste that hasn't been in my mouth since 1980something, and even though I have some of her culinary skills I haven't been able to duplicate that chicken. Then the salt tasted like sour lemonade, which my Daddy drank every day of his life and swore was the key to good health. I have been having some issues with my brother, and had earlier in the day sent him an email telling him not only NO but suggesting that he grow the fuck up; he's a gentle sensitive type ,and I worried harsh words in print might do some harm. He emailed me back this morning, apologized for being so needy, expressed respect for my stance.

In my sleep, I saw my Great grandmother Maggie, (she was a Root Worker in South Carolina in the late 1800's) and she was smiling, which she usually isn't, she's usually intimidating and doesn't speak. I usually see her when I'm worrying something or somebody too much, and I always wake up feeling chastised. This morning I woke up feeling like I just got back from the best summer camp experience of my life, and I can go back whenever I want.
I plan on attending future classes and am recommending them to a sister I know who needs to release her bitch.
Thanks again.
Karen B
Well let me just put it on out there......I was really uplifted, and blessed by last night's class. It was a wonderful idea to put it together and especially on this particular topic. I enjoyed the knowledge, fellowship, and energy and love of the other sisters. It was great hearing from Pisces 247 again. I am just overjoyed I was able to take part in it. With that said I am looking forward to embracing the Dark Goddess side of me and being a real bitch, if need be (an believe me that truly is at the opposite end of the pendulum for me!) I am glad you will be back with us for the next 3 months and look forward to joining you in other classes! Much love and gratitude. Kathryn.
Hey I just wanted to drop you a few lines of gratitude and appreciation for what you do and who you are. Just keep being your bitch-self.
I attended The Goddess Networks first Dark Goddess class and I was amazed and stunned! First, I was introduced to a great deal of new information and some expansion of thought on things that I already knew. The ritual ceremony was powerful and just incredible the energy that we shared with one another. Following the class, things began to shift for me. First, I met with my attorney for the first time and things began to move forward and open up for me in unexpected ways with my divorce. Next, a good friend showed up with a computer as a gift for my daughter and software and other hardware for me and my computer. It felt out of the blue and I was a bit overwhelmed. Next, I was contacted from someone who wanted to do business with me and they wired money to me upfront...this person is truly an ideal client and everything about the meeting/business deal was just plain EFFORTLESS. Finally, other business opportunities continued to present themselves and within a week I'd reconnected (seemingly out of the blue) with the perfect people to work with me and the right opportunities just seemed to fall into my lap. I was shocked. I just kept saying...this can't be , this is amazing, unbelievable, however, I know that I can attribute most if not all to the class...because of the class I experienced a shift in thinking, because of the class and the ritual included I experienced a shift in energy, that I just can't explain. All I can say is WOW! and I know for sure that if there is another dark goddess class that is offered, I will be the first one there! I know that this sounds overdone and stated many times, however, this class truly CHANGED MY LIFE!


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