I get so many emails and I have helped so many sisters fix problems. While I am happy to use my Dark Gifts and Wisdom, I am always sad because it seems like when one problem gets fixed, up pops another one.

Anyone who has a problem, question or concern we can address them. There are some things I will need from you.

1. BE HONEST about the problem you are facing. When we talk, do not leave anything out.
2. BE READY to FIX THE PROBLEM. I understand that we want to vent, and we will do that, but we have to be proactive.
3. If your problem is due to a curse or unbroken covenant. We may end up needing more time, as curses are not always easily broken. So you will have to be committed to do the work. If you have offended anyone and not made peace with it, you must be prepared to.
4. RELAX, fear is the killer of all goals.

I am not the average teacher or problem solver. I like to SHOW YOU HOW TO FIX YOUR PROBLEMS. I rather tell you what Spell, Word, Sound or Incantation so you can ALWAYS use it. Some people just give quick fixes but I know that at times it takes more than that. Why? because you have to cancel the ROOT of the problem and that is behind layers of subconscious junk.

So 1st we will do a Mediation and we will go from there. Sign up below.

$50 for 30 minute Consultion

REMEMBER YOU HAVE TO INVEST IN YOUR PROBLEM. If your problem is Bigger than you think and if you have multiple problems you may need more than one hour. ONLY YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR PROBLEM IS.

My speciality is in assisting you to FIX IT!

They don't just "go away" No Matter if its Money, Love, Relationships, Employment, Business, etc

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