I love assisting women, who need it most, in the grounding, harmonizing and manifesting of THEIR CRAFT. Each of us have a DIFFERENT CRAFT CAUSE.

We are all on the Planet for different reasons. Some of us know our purpose here some of us dont. Either way, walking the path alone can be a detriment. Wisdom is always seeking expression. Why do it the hard way when we dont have to.

I love teaching but I ADORE my ONE ON ONE Sessions. I get to be so much more personal.

I have set aside some Block Spots to assist various women in Creating a NEW Consciousness. One that will bring Rapid Results or the much needed change of script..

All of my Mentorships are MONTHLY (we meet once a week via telecall for 4 weeks)

  1. Magical Mystical Mentorship: Learn and Master the Art of Magic. There are so many forms but women are the walking manifestation of all forms. Some of us are called to Master Magic. A women of the Mystic Realm Binds all Things and HER WILL. Choose WATER, EARTH, AIR, FIRE Witching/Priestess
  2. Healing the Trauma of Relationships with WOMEN: Women have a difficult time getting along. There are many reasons why women compete with each other. Be it trauma with Mother, Aunt, Daughter, etc the base for all relationships is a Matriarchal one. If that one is off base all other relationships will be also.l This program provides a month of Mentorship to help heal so you can have healthy relationships with women.
  3. Finding the Divine Masculine Mentorship:  Father, Brother, Uncle, Friends. The male gender can be a handful. The first relationships we have with men set the standards subconsciously for what we allow.  The Divine Feminine is worth having ANY RELATIONSHIP SHE WANTS WITH A MAN. However there are times we must heal the past to make way for a more effective PRESENT. The Future will take care of itself. The Divine Masculine EXISTS. IF you want him you CAN HAVE HIM.
  4. Manifestation Mentorship: You choose 1 goal and I will teach you how to manifest it. Once you have the Manifestation Codes you can use it to Manifest ANYTHING. No doubt Manifestation is an ART. Become CONSISTENT.
  5. Womb HEALING/CLEARING Mentorship: Your WOMB is the CENTER of your LIFE.Women are the BIRTHS OF ALL CREATION. Be it Life or IDEA. When our wombs are not in harmony we BIRTH or ABORT, StillBorn IDEAS, GOALS, PASSIONS AND DREAMS. At one time WOMEN use to talk to THE GODS via our WOMB. At one time WOMEN birthed Avatars.  At one time WOMEN would give Oracular Utterance in ECSTATIC States via our WOMBS. All women have a womb, even if they had hysterectomies. The energy is STILL THERE. Lets work on it..

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