THIS CLASS IS NOW ARCHIVED! So if you missed it live you can still get a copy of the Class!

MystHERies of THE DARK GODDESS SEKHMET is the Final Class in the Dark Goddess Class Calls. This Energy has long been thought of as only a WARRIOR (HOWEVER) SHE other stories of her place her as the Original VAMPIRE. This class will be focusing on HER warrior and VAMPIRE aspects and how we can incorporate them into out lives. This will be a more intense class because we will go through EACH ASPECT OF THIS ENERGY and CALL ON ALL OF HER NAMES. (Yes she has more than one)

September 7th at 8 pm eastern for approximately 2 hours. This will be a live call. So only the members who have paid can attend. This is a FEMALE ONLY call. The Group Ritual, will be Very Different due to EACH NAME OF SEKHMET being called on. You will be informed about the tools needed later. They are inexpensive and very easy to get. The Ritual will not take longer than 30 minutes. This will be done at the conclusion of the class.  As with all my Classes you will receive FREE BOOKS to further your Own Personal Studies.

The Price for the Class is $69.99.

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