I love GODDESS culture and traditions yet another love of mine is MAGICK. Healiing, Ritual, Divination, Spell Casting, etc is all apart of The Mothers Ancient System. At one time we could even talk to birds and they would do our bidding. Some of us can still talk to Animals, Elementals and Earth Spirits.

Some of you have watched my Video called "Switchin to Witchin" where I tell the story about how I came into the occult. I have also mentioned various times that Magick is an ART. It is more than just using incantations to curse someone. Magick follows LAWS and when you understand them, your life changes for the better. You flow with the stream instead of against it.

Some of you have also heard me say I am a Solitary Witch. Well I will say again, I am a PROUD SOLITARY WITCH. To master YOURSELF is one of the most difficult things to do. I love the Group but I shine also ALONE. I love the Sisterhood but as a WOMAN you have to learn how to manage because there maybe a time where you cant get your sister on the phone. You have to pray, meditate, chant and conjure for YOURSELF. Most of us do not have a HIGH PRIESTESS ON SPEED

Because of that modality  I encourage all women to know the BASICS OF MAGICK, for themselves. Magick for me taught me discipline. As I did not know how scatter brained I was until I tried to do a ritual and could not even focus 2 minutes on what I 

The Introduction to Solitary Withing is a 3 Series Class that breaks down as follows:

  •  Introduction to Solitary Witching 101: This 3 day class on Color Magick, Altar/Pendulum/Earth Magick
  • Introduction to Solitary Withing 102: Sigil Magick

  • Introduction to Solitary Witching 103: Elemental and Planetary Magick

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